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Whether you can make it here on hoiday or not you can join in some movement, massage or wellbeing classes.   

We offer online classes & 121 sessions as well as in-person off-grid retreats.  

Please ask about our special offers for those on lower incomes and single parents. 

We really try to make well-being available to all. 


Whether you want just accommodation with a bit of added TLC.  or a full wellness immersion, together we can create your perfect wellness, and eco break.  Choosing your favourite things from our menu of on and off site wellness and adventure activities. 
Or choose to just relax in one of our hammocks in the trees, it’s up to you.  
Check out our different packages on the retreats page.   
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Happiness inspired by Nature

Our magical mountain setting is full of breath-taking beauty, but that’s not all; being immersed in nature as we are here is proven to be great for improving mental health.

We are lucky to be situated in the foot hills of the stunning Picos de Europa with plenty of world class Hiking, Biking, Wild Swimming, Climbing,  but also incredible beauty and spectacular flora fauna and local wildlife

Happiness inspired by nature

An important part of Health and Wellness is mental health - it is widely proven that being out in nature can help improve both mental and physical health. I truly believe that spending time here over the past few years, has helped me to recover from burn out and chronic fatigue.

We teach sustainable self care here. Bettter sleep is an important part of this. Most people find that they are able to sleep longer and deeper when they are here.

The sense of being able to disconnect and de stress is very apparent as soon as you arrive take a look at the view & enjoy a few slow deep breaths of the pure mountain air.

On-site we also offer treatments & classes to help you totally disconnect from stress & reconnect with a healthier happier you. more details below.
There are also occasional opportunities to get involved in the projects that we have going on as a small eco project.


Off site we can arrange....

Longer even more spectacular Hikes, Biking, Kayaking, Waterfall Walks, Wild Swimming and Horse& Pony excursions. The local area is also a paradise for relaxing while wildlife watching, with lots of birds of prey, deer, wild boar, even a few bears around.

Being in the mountains there are also spectacular caves to visit and plenty of world class climbing areas all just a short drive away If you are not a vegan or gluten free the local food is well regarded and there are plenty of places to eat all around. If you are we can take good care of your food needs.

If this all sounds a bit much and you rafter total relaxation, we have plenty of hammocks and can take care of feeding you, while you enjoy a massage, some shorter local walks and plenty of mindful relaxation in a hammock.
Whole site rental for groups / extended family gatherings from 200 £/ euro Contact us to discuss your needs

Massage Treatments & How to Classes

I have been practising professionally for 20 years & still love this aspect of my work. I usually combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Acu pressure & Assisted Stretching techniques, to create a unique treatment for each person. to soothe away the strains and stressors.

Developing my Massage skills was my first exploration into the world of wellness.
I got hooked on the power of possitie touch & I started a lifelong journey of learning &developing techniques.

I also teach Self-Massage & Massage Techniques classes so you can learn to treat your loved ones or yourself.

fay sitting cross legged in front of a stunning mountain view

Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness & Mediation

Yoga, like life, is the practice of simultaneously holding on, while letting go.
I started regularly practising yoga during one of the most stressful periods of my life. My wise children would send me of to class as they could see how much that small time & cash investment helped me deal with the problems of that time with more grace, head space and clarity.

Since then I have trained to teach both Yoga & Pilates.

I enjoy the similarities & the differences, and my teaching style although more functional than intensely spiritual -incorporates both techniques, along with massage & fascial release techniques.

Learn to Nordic Walk

Nordic Walking is like walking but better! When I discovered Nordic Walking I was hooked from the start. It combined everything I wanted; Great cardio exercise, being outside in nature, & helps improve your posture and arm and back strengthening too! whats not to love.

Using the poles can increase your stamina & speed.
If your knees are painful or make you less mobile than you would like to be, you can use the poles to offer support for knees hips and ankles.

I have taught a huge range of people from elite athletes to elderly gentleman keen to keep up with their younger wives. It is very different to using traditional walking poles.
It usually takes about -4 hours of training to master the techniques So learning on your holiday here is the prefect choice., Especialy with such stunning walks to take advantage of when you have mastered the poles.

Plant Based Catering & Cooking Classes

When I announced aged 9 that I was going to be a vegetarian , my mum took it very much in her stride,. Luckily she was a bit of a hippy & quite at home with cooking organic brown rice & lentils and a lot of homegrown veg.. I had to learn to cook quick tho, as there were no veggie options in shops or restaurants , like there are these days.

My own kids were born when i was very young I let things slip a bit, and slowly became more and more unwell. Conventional medicine did nothing to help. Eventually I paid for some holistic test which showed I had developed allergies and sensitivities to alot of everyday food.

My interest in diet as a major factor in our health and wellbeing was sparked, and remains a passion to this day. Over the years I have worked as a veggie and vegan cook in a variety of places and I love to share my skills and the joy of making delicious plant based meals. Most of our menu is also or can easily be gluten free. With advance notice we are able to cater for most food intolerances.

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Following classes available: pilates, hiit, yoga, gentele stretching

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