SelfCare & Sustainability

For a Healthier Happier You & the planet

 Unique Wellbeing Breaks.  Happiness inspired by Nature

A beautiful, secluded space, nestled in the wild green mountains of North West Spain

Tucked away in a meadow surrounded by woodlands & streams, in the foothills of the Picos de Europa mountains, we offer ‘the antidote to modern life’ .

If you are looking for an escape from the stresses of modern life, where you can stretch your body and soothe your mind.  then you’ve just stumbled across your perfect place. 

If you want to enjoy a secluded area to reset, bring your dog/kids/partner with you on holiday, enjoy delicious plant-based gluten-free food, and some TLC on your holiday, read on.

We don’t offer a luxury spa break or mod cons like hair straighteners or spa days (though there are a couple of lovely options just a short drive away)!

What we do offer are off-grid, sustaibable, eco-friendly and healthy wellbeing retreats and glamping experiences. So if 
you like the idea of a dog friendly escape from city life, experiencing the freedom to disconnect in the wild rugged mountains,  get in touch to see what magic we can create together!


On the border of León and Asturias and situated in the foothills of one of the most stunning mountain ranges in Spain

Green hills and forest nature

We are remote enough to feel totally away from it all yet close enough to all essentials with plenty of local bars with free tapas and great wines
Whether you are looking for an intimate getaway for you and your partner or a venue for a bigger group, read on to see if we are a fit for you.

A more sustainable way of living in action

We always practice what we preach here. 
We are pioneers of renewable energy, recycling, sustainability & green issues and have built everything on site from scratch using traditional & sustainable building techniques.


Hosting  unique retreats up here has always been my dream. When I bought this stunning mountain meadow, I knew it was the perfect place for this.  But back then, my life was very different. 

We traveled the world in our giant bus the GeoCruiser, promoting renewable energy & providing installations at festivals.  It was an amazing life but my relationship was far from healthy.  When I realised the impact this was having on my kids and I found the strength to leave, I had to abandon my dream, to focus on rebuilding life, for me & my girls.  

After a couple of years by the sea healing from the abuse,  we decided to move back to the UK to restart & get financially stable.  But I couldn’t quite let go of my Green Dream. So the Sueno Verde eco project was born!

In hindsight, it was a crazy idea, (but some of the best ones are!)
I was a single mum on a low income, moving 1000 miles away…  But I still decided I would continue to pursue my dream “in my spare time”.

Somehow against all the odds, I made it work. Fast forward 12 years (and a lot of sweat & tears!), my teams of incredible friends/volunteers and I have literally built everything we now have here, from scratch, using natural & sustainable techniques. We now have better facilities and are constantly evolving. 

If you would like to know all about how we did all this, sign up for the newsletter,  or keep an eye on the blog page. 

I’m Fay-Victoria: the owner of Wellness & Wilderness and SuenoVerde.

Pet friendly glamping and retreats with dog licking a woman's face

Our Values & Mission

Our ethos has stayed the same over the years. Sustainability & Eco-friendly Living are at the heart of everything we do. We are completely off-grid. We re-use, repair & recycle everything we can. We use only renewable energy & have built everything ourselves using locally sourced materials & traditional natural building techniques, to create our site.We are fanatical about recycling and upcycling. I am the daughter of a 70s environmental campaigner so it is in my blood!We actively support single parents and those on lower incomes.We offer discounted class passes to single mums, and a “pay it forward” scheme where people can donate sessions and wellbeing breaks to those who could really benefit from them.

A Healthier Happier World

Our Mission is to help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, while demonstrating the feasibility of living off-grid; and how rewarding it can be to live in harmony with nature and our surroundings.
As well as promoting an ecological lifestyle, we believe that the happiness and well being of the individual are also of the utmost importance.
We believe everyone should have access to things that make them happier & healthier,  and that wellbeing should not be reserved for those who can afford it. So we offer subsided places & volunteer spaces on all of our retreats if full price is out of reach.  

Dreaming Green @ Sueno Verde

What is Sueno Verde? Sueno Verde (Green Dream) was the name of the festival we organised in Matavenero 2005 & here in 2006. It is also the name of this piece of land, Wellness & Wilderness HQ. SuenoVerde festival. bought together circus, music, permaculture principles & community ideals in a way not seen here before. We hosted workshops on sustainability, natural building, and permaculture. ‘Sustainable hedonism’ was our ethos back then. We were ahead of the game, using only biodegradable products for food and drink. Recycling all waste and using renewable energy. We are still completely off-grid. We re-use, repair and recycle everything we can. We remain committed to sharing and expanding our knowledge by hosting events and volunteers.